Marketing Prompts 🇺🇸 for chatGPT

Develop targeted marketing strategies worthy of Silicon Valley in no time.

Marketing Prompts for chatGPT - Made with growth-obsessed Silicon Valley marketing brains | Product Hunt

Ready-to-Use Marketing Magic 🪄

The ultimate toolbox for marketing in the age of OpenAI and GPT models. Achieve astonishing results in just 5 minutes. Start the clock!

Copywriting Genie 🇺🇸

No more creative blocks. Turn your marketing texts into magnets!
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Positioning Explorer 🇺🇸

Create your unbeatable product positioning story in just 2 prompts.
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Persona Wizard 🇺🇸

Define the profile of your ideal customers and refine their targeting attributes.
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Google Ads Sherlock 🇺🇸

Prepare all the critical elements for your next Google Ads campaign.
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Landing Page Hero 🇺🇸

Generate engaging texts for your upcoming landing page.
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VC Deal or No Deal 🇺🇸

Simulate a fundraising meeting with a Silicon Valley VC.